Data of water quality parameters at a large spatial and temporal scale

CyMonS provides water management organisations with data of several water quality parameters at a large spatial and temporal scale. This data is used to initialise models for providing short term forecasts. CyMonS especially provides information on the presence of cyanobacteria. Cyanobacteria, especially when forming floating scums, frequently cause problems on bathing water locations and in surface waters. Cyanobacteria scums are a threat to public health, cause a bad smell, affect the aesthetic value of the surface water, result in a low biodiversity in the water and are indicative for the eutrophication of surface water. The current monitoring methods and techniques that are in use by water management organisations provide insufficient data and information required to prevent the occurrence of scums or to deal with emerging and already existing scums. With CyMonS the functioning and dynamics of entire surface water bodies will be better understood, problems will be identified and prevented at an earlier stage, and will ultimately result in a better surface water quality.

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