SE Carbon - Carbon and Phosphorus Sequestration using Natural Infrastructure

activity - Mon, 12/06/2023 - 15:10

EDA Helping Develop Natural Infrastructure Solutions to Fight Climate Change

EarthDaily Analytics (EDA) and Strategic Systems Engineering (SSE) have partnered to tackle the complex and critically important challenges of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, intercepting and recycling agricultural nutrients before they damage lake and river ecosystems, and building resilience to climate impacts. This collaboration represents a comprehensive green solution, utilizing high-quality landcover and vegetation growth products, derived using satellite data, with best-in-class hydrologic engineering technology.

EDA will use high-frequency multi-spectral imagery to detect the presence and growth rate of wetland plants specialized in extraction of agricultural runoff nutrients found in wet areas of the agricultural landscape, ditches, and municipal allowances. By using Amazon Web Services EDA's platform will enable enterprise-grade scalability, security, and reliability of satellite processing and analytics services. SSE will leverage EDA's value-added GeoAnalytics capabilities to plan and execute a macrophyte biomass harvesting program using conventional agricultural equipment modified for the task.

The harvested renewable resource will be used for its nutrient, energy, and carbon content, with some biomass replacing fossil energy as a space heating fuel, and some biomass converted to biochar – a stable form of carbon loaded with agricultural nutrients that accelerates the soil's sequestration of atmospheric carbon. The process will target the collection of phosphorus, which is a key pollutant responsible for lake eutrophication but also a scarce and valuable resource in its own right.

EDA's Earth Observation data and insights will also provide environmental management solutions that validate the potential for Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) solutions in the physical environment. This partnership is a huge step forward in proving to investors, farmers, and municipal officials the scale of this resource and the practicality of harvesting and processing logistics.

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