activity - Thu, 06/05/2021 - 13:18

Personalised Space Technology Exercise Platform

P-STEP is an eHealth service platform to deliver and monitor personalised exercise prescriptions to patients living with long term health conditions. The platform provides warnings and guidance based on environmental conditions and location (derived from GNSS and EO sources) to modify the prescribed exercises and reduce risk, and through artificial intelligence (AI) and optimally designed user interfaces, promote adherence to the prescription. The aim is to facilitate physical activity behaviour change by creating a platform that combines personalised disease-specific exercise prescription and self-monitoring with real time environmental data. P-STEP shall be delivered to the end user (patient) in the form a smartphone application, and provide practical advice, support and feedback to encourage self-management and self-reflection. There is a web interface for healthcare professionals to prescribe and monitor the exercise prescription and track progress. The initial primary focus shall be on long term respiratory and cardiac conditions, both of which have been identified as clinical priorities in the National Health System (NHS) 10 year plan. 

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