Anticipating needs for telecommunication services in Africa

This project provided a comprehensive analysis of the current situation of the ICT sector and terrestrial networks in Africa, an assessment of the technical and financial benefits that a multiple spot beam like satellite infrastructure could bring, including satellite system detailed design and programmatic aspects. It identified for which purpose and under which conditions, modern multibeam satellite networks can be extended to African countries. This study identified the requirements on satellite telecommunication networks in African developing countries in response to anticipated needs for telecommunication services. The analysis was carried out with the support of African actors with demonstrated expertise and experience in terrestrial telecommunication networks in Africa. The offer of satellite telecommunication networks in these countries was characterised within the targeted 2017 timeframe. The study elaborated a system architecture to define the requirements at satellite level, assuming the use of existing solutions for air interface, user terminals and ground infrastructure. A satellite technical solution based on multi-beam antennas and meeting the identified requirements was proposed, together with a programmatic approach for the satellite payload technology development and the delivery of such a solution. The final objective of the study was to identify the technical and financial benefits, as well as the specifics of the proposed solution, for introducing multi beam satellite networks in the African developing countries.

Digital divide
Economic growth
Introduction of Multiple Beam Networks in Africa