Integrated digital satellite platform for urban territorial enhancement

The IDiSPUTE service aims to offer municipalities and local authorities a range of tools to support land use planning and identification of hazards (such as illegal building development) for the population through the use of information derived from Earth Observation satellites and with the use of innovative algorithms based on deep learning and artificial intelligence. IDispute aims to offer an innovative platform that can support public authorities in the process of monitoring the territory, offering clear benefits in terms of reducing costs and improving the ability to protect the territory. IDiSPUTE service is based on the use of Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) data processing as SAR sensors, thanks to their all-day and all-time capabilities, provide the certainty of the acquisition necessary for several applications. Moreover, the launch of Sentinel-1, whose data are provided at free of charge by ESA, definitely removed the problem of the cost of images.

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