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GIS for ARV treatment programmes

ARV treatment in sub-Saharan Africa with the help of Geographic information systems

The objective of this project was to study the potential role of geographic and space techniques related to HIV/AIDS and ARV issues in sub-Saharan Africa. Geographic information systems (GIS) technology makes it feasible for example to track the HIV epidemic in defined areas. Description In support of local health centres and humanitarian organisations, precise local mapping of AIDS cases, HIV infection and related risk factors can: • provide demographic and environmental perspectives on the current status of the epidemic, • portray historical and long-term trends, • evaluate the delivery and impact of prevention and care services, • test hypotheses on social, political and environmental determinates of transmission, • target outreach efforts to locations where transmission is likely to be highest. GISA will: • Support local health centres and work towards improved information management related to the treatment of patients, reporting with up-to-date information from the geo-spatial context • Link to ongoing initiatives as well as national and local authorities Consortium In this project ESA, World Health Organization (WHO), Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) were involved. UNAIDS, Telecoms Sans Frontieres (TSF) had an advisory role.

Geographic Information Support for treatment programmes
Didier Schmitt