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European Astro Pi Challenge

Crowdsourced experiments run on the ISS

Teams of students who are 16 years old and younger can join the European Astro Pi challenge and have their experiments run on the International Space Station. This provides unique opportunities to learn about science and coding. Astro Pi is the name of a small computer developed by the Raspberry Pi Foundation, in collaboration with the UK Space Agency and ESA. There are two very special Astro Pi’s. Their names are Ed and Izzy, and they have been qualified for spaceflight. They are now onboard the ISS for students to use. Astro Pi computers come with a set of sensors and gadgets that can be used to run cool scientific experiments. This set of sensors is called ‘Sense HAT’. With the Sense HAT it is possible to sense movements, measure humidity, temperature and pressure, and detect radiation. Ed and Izzy are also equipped with a joystick and buttons like a videogame console.

European Astro Pi Challenge