Facilitating the uptake of EO-derived information in sustainable development projects related to urban development

The EO4SD-Urban project aims at demonstrating the benefits of satellite Earth Observation-based geoinformation products to support urban planning tasks, in the context of projects and programmes of Mulatilateral Development Banks (MDBs) such as the World Bank Group, Asian Development Bank, Inter-American Development Bank, etc., and stakeholders in their Client States, as well as major global development initiatives. Its major goal is to provide convincing demonstrations of the benefit and utility of user-driven EO-based information in the urban framework, based on case studies in approximately 40 cities, thereby enhancing measurably the MDB’s technical assistance interventions and financial investments in the urban sector. To progress towards the longer-term goal of estabishing EO-based information as part of the working practices of MDBs and their Client States, an important element of the project is to provide knowledge transfer via capacity building exercises on how to derive and use EO-based product in various urban development-related scenarios.

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Zoltan Bartalis