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Inspiring programme of space education and space awareness services 

The Earth Rider vision is to establish an inspiring programme of space education and space awareness services that brings the experience of space exploration closer to the general public and to schoolchildren in particular. Earth Rider will create an immersive experience for the wider public by re-creating key aspects of the Overview Effect. This experience will generate awareness and interest in space exploration and the benefits of space technology, inspiring children to take up studies in Science Technology Education Arts and Mathematics "STEAM" subjects. The objective of this feasibility study is to demonstrate the sustainability of the series of services (set out below): Immersive, interactive experience delivered via innovative multimedia delivery devices that will be investigated in the Earth Rider Feasibility Study; An online brand development and online merchandising platform; A series of planetarium shows that build on our immersive and online experiences; Bespoke educational content designed to complement the immersive, online and planetarium experiences (initially for inclusion in the UK and the Northern Ireland school curricula). The Earth Rider multi media content is built from the following space assets: Human Spaceflight experience and "the Overview Effect" ( working with ESA Human Spaceflight Office and the Overview Institute); Earth Observation and climate change awareness (working with astronaut narratives, EO expertise and the ICARUS programme); Microgravity research - working with ISS on the ICARUS and NightPod Projects.

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