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Optimizing mill revenue by improving harvest logistics and fertilizer management

The CostCutting4Sugarcane project aims to develop a pre-commercial platform delivering agronomic advices and yield forecasts for sugarcane producers and processors that will reduce costs and optimize production. The innovative solution combines SatEO optical imagery, radar based data and agronomic models and integrate these three data streams in an operational service. The main users of the CostCutting4Sugarcane service will be sugarcane mill operators and sugar farmers. The project will demonstrate the service at two sugarcane mills and affiliated farmers in the Cauca Valley in Colombia. In the short-term the service will be offered to sugarcane mills operators and farmers in Columbia and abroad. The project is intended to be executed in two phases, the first phase being dedicated to validate the business potential and the second phase for developing and demonstrating the service. 


Sustainable Production
Latin America and the Caribbean
Demonstration Project
Olivier Becu