Remote sensing analytics for an ecological land use

The BioDiv Checker service aims to support an efficient monitoring of ecological land use to ensure a high food supply chain integrity with farmed areas from the very beginning. UAV and Satellite Imagery are analysed to validate certification requirements as e.g. area of farmed land versus “nature” or size of fields and plausibility of harvesting amounts. The service mainly targets farms who are Naturland certified and eco food traders who buy products from these farmers before the products are sold in the German retail market. However, the service might be of interest for all actors involved in the supply chain of natural and bio food wanting to ensure the right ecological farming with a high degree of nature conservation at the start of the supply chain and subsequently to have the right farmed eco product in the supermarket shelf. The service uses GNSS, Sentinel-1 & -2 Imagery, Plejades (50 cm resolution) and images acquired from commercially available, low-cost UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) systems. The methods compete with onsite measurements done by certifier engineers, i.e. processes which are expensive, time consuming and often difficult to realize in a statistical relevant way.

Natural resources
Feasibility Study