MTB Route planning application

Cycling reduces emissions by more than 16 million tonnes of CO2 per year in the EU and contributes to a healthier life. The ESA-backed Beinn Bike project uses GNSS and EO satellite data allowing cyclists to find new routes based on their time available or knowledge of an area, thus promoting cycling activities.

Source: European Cyclist's Federation ECF

Beinn Bike is a tool that enables bike riders to find new and exciting routes where either their knowledge of an area, or their time available for planning, is limited. This is achieved through a novel routing algorithm that can deliver routing options based on preferences inputted by the user. The system is currently available as a web application. The use of GNSS and Earth observation satellite data may provide additional features such as ride time and insights into trail conditions. Beyond any individual with an interest in cycling and technology, other users may include: both private and public companies that may be interested in the data generated from the application; public bodies may want to use it to understand population health, activity participation, land use and the effect of cycling on the environment; private companies willing to use the data for insurance purposes and to determine the location of services (restaurants, cafes, bike shops etc.). It may also be used to inform infrastructure development. Emergency services may also be able to use the data as part of search and rescue missions.

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