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ASAP DP - Advanced Sustainable Agriculture Production

Satellite data - Your tool in agricultural management

The ASAP-DP service will be dedicated to a wide group of users and customers, related to various sectors of agriculture and will be aimed at solving current user and customer problems related to efficient food production. The main needs expressed by the service stakeholders are for a reliable, comprehensive service offering information that supports crop production, based on multisource data, as well as a service for drought prognosis and yield assessment / reduction. The ASAP project aims to address these needs in order to offer operational solutions for delivering fast and reliable information on crop conditions and predicted yields. It will be achieved through a multidata approach (in-situ, aerial, satellite) to produce timely relevant information for the users and customers. The system will be based on real-time processing of multisource data, collected from space (high-resolution and low-resolution satellite images – both optical and microwave), from the air, and from ground observations. All collected data will be processed in a synergistic way in order to generate a set of products supporting the management of crop production and will enable optimised yield of crops through reduction of disadvantageous impacts of the environment.

Rural development
ASAP DP - Advanced Sustainable Agriculture Production – Satellite data your tool in agricultural management
Demonstration Project
Tony Sephton
Instytut Geodezji i Kartografii (Poland)