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AquaFarm 2.0

Management of water and food resources and Improvement of the supply chain

The AquaFarm 2.0 crop monitoring service targets EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) requirements for Portuguese farmers as well as Agritech service providers. The service will integrate data from satellites (Sentinel 2 optical data and Landsat 8), meteorological models, measurements and plant growth models and in-situ data to provide facts and forecasts about crops and soil health. The system will detect crop types and some agriculture practices using Sen2Agri and Sen4CAP software. AquaFarm 2.0 improves access to data and models (which have low maintenance costs and high durability when compared with intensive measurements based services) to support four identified users - retailers, farmers associations, ministries, and service providers - that all together help improve the agricultural value chain. The project is supported by the Portuguese Institute for Financing Agriculture and Fisheries (IFAP). 

Demonstration Project