Satellite and GPRS technology for aquaculture production

The AquaEYE system aims at providing users with accurate, near real time data in order to help them manage and grow their businesses by harnessing the power of new technology to demonstrate their commitment to food safety and sustainability. The AquaEYE sensors are installed on participating certified aquaculture production units and data is transmitted through satellite and GPRS technology to a cloud-based software platform. Users are then able to access the appropriate data based through a user-friendly GUI. The AquaEye product is geared towards aquaculture production facilities. These can be located both on and off shore and in a marine based environment. Through its use of satellite and GPRS transmission technologies AquaEYE will enable the data from the sensors installed on the farm to be available to the user in near real time.

North America
Asia Pacific
Demonstration Project
Marine Applications