Space Applications using Animal tracking data

The Animal tracking project aims at developing a service based on a tracking system using GPS and GSM for observing game and farm animals concerning position, health monitoring, pasture management or rutting season forecast. The service includes provisioning of specially designed technologies for recording and sending data as well as the development of a specialized software for mobile devices to use the services (managing and evaluating data) and uses space-based animal tracking data. The service mainly targets farmers, game ecologists, foresters, huntsmen, public authorities, zoos, veterinary surgeons and NGOs for endangered species. For the service, satellite navigation, satellite communication and earth observation are used to offer customers a fully integrated, location-independent solution. The purpose of satellite navigation is to determine the positions of the individual monitored animals and the implementation of functionalities like a geofence. Satellite communication can be used when there is no possibility for terrestrial transmission of data. Earth observation, especially at the beginning satellite imagery, are used to show service customers the recorded and evaluated data in a very user-friendly way.

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