Advanced maritime tracking

The AMTRACK2 service aims at providing maritime users that suffer the very low performances of SAT-AIS on high ship density areas or on the limitation of terrestrial AIS with an original, relevant and complementary source of AIS data provision. From the user point of view, a main issue is that the TUI (Time Update Interval) of their vessels are, on areas of high ship densities, very bad and frequently of several hours. The update service aims at solving that problem thanks to an AIS receiver that takes benefit of enhanced capabilities of detection. Main users are institutional entities such as maritime traffic or security administrations as well as private companies related to operations of AIS coastal stations or involved in traffic control and monitoring, in industrial domain like shipping, offshore activities, fishing or leisure activities. The service uses satellite communication system in order to provide a quick access to the decoded AIS messages and to optimize the data transmission and associated cost especially in remote zones like open oceans or blank communication areas.

Feasibility Study
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