A highly compact device for vital-sign monitoring and remote diagnosis

AMAZON is based on a previous ESA-backed project that resulted in the successful development of a telemedicine system for commercial aviation applications (TEMPUS). Since its launch the system has achieved strong interest in other markets predominantly in pre-hospital care applications where the potential for satellite-based communications and other new features enable users to do more with less equipment. The project sought to leverage the existing market leading features already developed in the present system as well as be user driven in the selection of best-in-class approaches to managing medical incidents in the field. This was based on the user input of a range of experienced medical professionals with a background in emergency medicine in the pre-hospital care field. Within the project, two validation campaigns of six weeks each were carried out in two selected sites of International SOS in Algeria and Nigeria involving clinics and remote sites. The objective of the project was the development, integration, testing and validation of a tele-assistance service, making use of multiple space assets (Satcom, Satnav), for professional clinical users in remote locations using a highly compact device for vital-sign monitoring and remote diagnosis.

Emergency response
Demonstration Project
Arnaud Runge
Chris Hannan, UK