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ADMiNiSTRA - Advanced Data Management Network through Satellite Transmission

Satellite communication for Public Administrations in support of e-Government services

The ADMiNiSTRA Project intended to offer an integrated satellite communication service to Public Administrations to support e-Government services. Openet identified five public institutions that were involved in the pilot phase of the project and who became sponsoring partners offering evaluation for the business model. The identified institutions were the League of Autonomies (Italy), the Municipality of Bari (Italy), the Basilicata Region (Italy), the Sicily Region (Italy), and the Dâmbovita County with Valahia University in Târgovişte (Romania). Moreover, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania and Bucharest expressed an interest in the service platform and the business model that was validated in the project. The ADMiNiSTRA project proposed an integrated communication system allowing public administration institutions to receive the service as well as to transmit content - by satellite - towards their own local area of customers represented by sublevel structures (for example, regional offices will transmit content to municipalities). The result aimed at setting up a satellite network called "ADMiNiSTRA Business Television". ADMiNiSTRA also foresaw the transmission of e-learning sessions that can be accessed off-line by public employees, called "ADMiNiSTRA Service".

ADMiNiSTRA - Advanced Data Management Network through Satellite Transmission